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About the Conference

This event will bring together Project Drawdown and the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) to present the latest scientific research and real-world actions to achieve the regenerative future we want. 

This virtual conference combines the NCSE Annual Conference and the Second International Drawdown Conference. Together NCSE and Project Drawdown bring our synergistic missions under one cohesive umbrella -- to improve the scientific basis of environmental decision-making and to help the world reach “drawdown”— the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping catastrophic climate change — as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. With this joint conference, we will grow and weave together diverse communities of more than 1000 scientists, researchers, decision-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry, and public sector leaders to enhance a global movement founded on the use and application of science to address global complex environmental challenges. In these unprecedented times, we stand stronger together.

What's the purpose?

Project Drawdown and NCSE will bring people together from across the globe to share and expand on the latest solutions to the world’s most pressing global challenges. Through intentional virtual conference design, NCSE Drawdown 2021 will offer numerous opportunities for networking, collaborations, and actions for building a pathway to a future with a shared vision for sustainability and regeneration informed by an enduring foundation of science.

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2021 Vision

The key objectives of the NCSE Drawdown 2021 conference
are to help participants:
  • Understand the realities of a changing climate and the impact of systemic change. 

  • Evaluate real solutions and explore potential implementation pathways to advance them.

  • Advance the application of science to address global complex environmental challenges. 

  • Explore the co-benefits to human and planetary well-being that climate solutions provide.

  • Inspire collaboration between the diverse communities of scientists, researchers, decision-makers, innovators, and leaders that NCSE and Project Drawdown will bring together. 

  • Foster collective impact through actions and tool-building for local to global efforts to accelerate solution implementation with exploration, inclusiveness, urgency, and equity at its heart. 

Conference Outcomes

Convene, connect, and engage diverse participants to make connections, build partnerships, and work collaboratively toward solutions. 

Foster cross-disciplinary and innovative discussions about the interactions of intensifying heat, water scarcity, and impaired water quality on a host of integrated systems.

Develop a deeper understanding of Drawdown solutions and how they work as a system to address global warming and learn how these solutions offer additional co-benefits to people and the planet; 

Explore actions for ways they can advance the implementation of climate solutions within their sphere of influence;

Share a new solutions-oriented narrative to address global warming through meaningful partnerships between scientists, businesses, policy makers, civil society organizations, and engaged citizens;

Join ongoing efforts on the Drawdown Global Collaborative & Knowledge Platform.

Our Audience

Diverse communities of scientists, researchers, decision-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry, public sector leaders, and students.

All are welcome. Open to anyone who wants to explore the linkages between science and solutions for the planet’s most pressing problems. 

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