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Addressing Water Scarcity

A Tale of Three Cities: A Worldly Approach to Innovative Urban Water Management Strategies

Student Poster

Increased anthropogenic pressure and extreme weather events threaten the sustainability of freshwater resources. The inadequate infrastructure of many urban landscapes often intensifies this trend. We will highlight unique and transformative strategies from Copenhagen, Singapore and Melbourne’s water management plans to address the challenges faced by Toronto, Canada, in meeting freshwater demands.


Keeva Fitzpatrick, Student, Sir Sandford Fleming College

Erin Moffatt, Student, Sir Sandford Fleming College

Kate Greer, Student, Sir Sandford Fleming College

FlashTalkPlus: Fresh Water in Decline: Nature-Based Solutions to the Rescue

Flash Talk

An overview of ways in which humankind is stressing Earth’s water cycle and their impacts. Reintroduction of beavers as a keystone species and regenerative land management enhancing small water cycles are critical to fresh water restoration and biodiversity for cooling the planet.


James Laurie, Ph.D., Research Biologist, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Session moderated and organized by Nancy Lee Wood, Ph.D., Professor and Coordinator SSP, Bristol Community College

Jan Lambert, Environmental Journalist, Voices of Water for Climate

Solutions to Quench the World’s Thirst – Solving Water Scarcity

Panel Session

Strategic plans from policy makers, new knowledge and novel solutions are keys to holistic sustainable water management. This session allows stakeholders from diverse expertise to exchange ideas, knowledge and findings to identify the needs and approaches to address water scarcity facing the world in the climate change era.


How Yong Ng, Ph.D., Professor and Director, National University of Singapore Environmental Research Institute (NERI)

Hilda Cecilia Tortajada Quiroz, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Srivatsan V Raghavan, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow and Head, Climate and Water Research Cluster, Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), National University of Singapore

Session Moderated and Organized by How Yong Ng, Ph.D., Professor and Director, National University of Singapore Environmental Research Institute (NERI)

Water Reuse in Chile: An Emerging Debate

Flash Talk

In the context of Chile’s mega-drought and expansion of water requirements, we will evaluate the new Grey Waters Law, analyzing the interrelation between technical and regulatory entanglements regarding the reuse of wastewater, highlighting its positive aspects as the necessary changes to improve the feasibility and impact of this alternative source.


Camila Boettiger-Philipps, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor and Director of Center of Regulatory Law and Enterprise, School of Law, Universidad Del Desarrollo

Alex Godoy-Faúndez, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor and Director of Research Center in Sustainability and Resources Management, School of Engineering, Universidad del Desarrollo

Watershed Conservation for Water Provision in Rural Chilean Patagonia


Our study shows the importance of forest conservation in Patagonia to ensure the provision of fresh water. A maximum water harvest occurs in winter months (5.0 m3/s); in others the flow is 1.5 m3/s. In June a 15% of the demand by the nearby communities could be satisfied.


Alejandro León, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Universidad de Chile

Jorge Soto, Eng., Associate Researcher, Universidad de Chile

Lucas De la Fuente, Eng., Associate Researcher, Universidad de Chile

José Vistoso, Eng., Consultant, Asociación de Municipalidades de la Cordillera de la Costa de la Región de Los Ríos

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