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Governance in a Changing World: Food, Energy and Water

Adaptive Governance of Rivers: All About the Capacity to Reallocate Water?

Flash Talk

Stakeholder cognitive and relational change is a weak indicator of environmental governance outcomes. Highly modified rivers require water reallocation to improve ecosystem integrity. The scope of water reallocation should thus be a suitable indicator of the extent of adaptive governance of rivers.


Peter M. Rudberg, Ph.D, Researcher, GeoViable

Adaptive Water Governance and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Flash Talk

Recent years have seen increasing emphasis on the food, energy and water (FEW) nexus. However, the human dimensions of the nexus approach have not received enough attention. This paper discusses adaptive water governance as a mechanism for managing wicked problems in FEW systems.


Kofi Akamani, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University

Exploring the Adoption of Hemp as a Sustainable Agricultural Crop in Nebraska

Student Poster

Hemp cultivation became legal for the first time in nearly a century and has the capacity to improve sustainable agricultural systems. Fifteen first-year hemp farmers were interviewed to explore the diffusion of hemp in the Midwest and to document perceived challenges and success.


Christine Rost, Student, Doane University

Blake Colclasure, Assistant Professor, Doane University

Bailey Gasseling, Student, Doane University

FlashTalkPlus: Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) Nexus in a City in Times of Climate Change

Flash Talk

This session focuses on original concepts on how cities adapt to climate change and its threats to production, distribution, and consumption of food, energy, and water (FEW). The flash talks will highlight thought-provoking perspectives on the FEW nexus for a sustainable future.


Michael Bobker, Ph.D., Director, City College, City University of New York;

Giulia Pedrielli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Arizona State University.

Session moderated by Roberto Rojas-Cessa, Ph.D., Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ahmed Mohamed, Ph.D., Associate Professor, City College, CUNY;

Jeffrey Raven, FAIA, LEED BD+C, Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology

Session organized by Ziqian (Cecillia) Dong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology

Investigating Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution During CO2 Injection

Student Poster

This research investigates the physical and chemical changes that take place in the subsurface during CO2 sequestration. The major objectives were to efficiently store away CO2 and observe deformations in the sediment pile.


Varsha Swaminathan, Undergraduate Student, Pennsylvania State University

John Hooker, Assistant Teaching Professor, Pennsylvania State University

The Role of Boundary Organizations in Agriculture-Environmental Governance

Flash Talk

Collaborative environmental governance involves many stakeholders with distinct worldviews. Boundary organizations mediate communication across these groups, using policy narratives as a strategy to build credibility and legitimacy. We present a framework for understanding boundary narratives.


Jessica Rudnick, M.S. and Ph.D. in Ecology, California Sea Grant Extension Specialist, University of California Davis

Vision for the Future: How to Steward the American West for the Next 100 Years

Panel Session

Aging infrastructure, persistent droughts, rampant wildfires, and declining fish populations are increasing demands on water resources in the West. This panel will provide examples of successful infrastructure modernization that demonstrate how to bring people together to solve complex challenges.


Dan Keppen, Executive Director, Family Farm Alliance

Dave Moldal, Senior Program Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon

Session Organized by Margi Hoffman, Strategic Operations Director, Farmers Conservation Alliance

Thomas Mosier, Energy Systems Group Lead, Idaho National Laboratories

Session Moderated by Julie O'Shea, Executive Director, Farmers Conservation Alliance

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