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Xiye Bastida
Co-Founder, ReEarth Initiative
Naming the Goal, Creating a Regenerative Future Today: Perspectives from Around the World

Xiye Bastida is a Mexican-Chilean climate activist and member of the indigenous Mexican Otomi-Toltec nation. She was born and raised in San Pedro Tultepec, a small town southwest of Mexico City, and moved to the US after a three-year drought in her hometown was broken by devastating floods. She began her career as an environmentalist soon after. She is one of the major organizers of Fridays for Future New York City and has been a leading voice for indigenous and immigrant visibility in climate activism. She is on the administration committee of the People's Climate Movement and a member of Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion.She is co-founder of Re-Earth Initiative, an international non for profit organization that is inclusive and intersectional “just as the climate movement should be.”

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