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Amy Luers
Global Lead, Sustainability Science at Microsoft
Role of Technology in Accelerating Science and Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure

Amy Luers is currently the Global Lead for Sustainability Science at Microsoft. Prior to moving to her current position, Dr. Luers was the Executive Director of Future Earth. She served as the Assistant Director, Climate Resilience and Information, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy from 2015-2016. From 2007–2011, Amy was the Senior Environmental Program Manager at Google, where she initiated and co-led the development of Google Earth Engine and the Google Science Communication Fellows Program, and traveled extensively in Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa to support climate risk management programs.

Prior to joining Google, Dr. Luers led the Climate Program for the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in California and analyzed the impacts of alternative federal climate policy options. She is co-founder and former executive director of Agua Para La Vida, a small NGO dedicated to enhancing sustainable access to water supply in rural Latin America.

Dr. Luers has conducted research and published widely on the vulnerability of social and biophysical systems to global environmental changes. She holds a Ph.D. in environmental science and an M.A. in international policy studies, both from Stanford University, and a M.S. and B.S. in environmental resources engineering from Humboldt State University.

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