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Experience the Conference

In January 2021, the NCSE Drawdown 2021 Conference, Research to Action: Science and Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure, brought together diverse communities to share the latest scientific research and plan real-world actions to achieve the regenerative future we want. The virtual nature of the conference allows us to share inspiration, knowledge, and connections beyond our time together live.


We invite you to  “experience” the conference below and to explore ways to get involved in our communities to help move research to action.

Winding Roads

Turn to our keynote and plenary speakers for inspiration and climate optimism.

Find Inspiring


Above Earth

With over 100 presentations, there is so much to discover. Watch one today!

Learn, Discover, and Watch Again 

PA first, PA4.1- Broken Waters, Ashley C

Take in the event through our 3D Gallery, graphic recordings, and musical performances.

Embrace Art and Music

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