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Embrace Art and Music

AY Young

AY Young's performances and his Battery Tour are powered by renewable energy, raise awareness about sustainability, and raise funds to bring people electricity. Watch his performance and Global Goals Project announcement.

The Seastars

The Seastars are a band of sisters, united not by blood but by a shared purpose to empower the world through music and art with new narratives of a future that works for 100% of life on planet earth. Watch their performance of "No Oil".

Colors of Science 3D Art Gallery

Artists from around the world submitted their work to the NCSE Colors of Science Art Contest. From climate change to biodiversity to water quality, the artists offered creative perspectives of our fields that we hope will inspire you as we work together to solve some of our world's most pressing challenges. Explore the winning artwork in the 3D art gallery.

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Graphic Recordings

Artist Karina Branson, from ConverSketch, captured the conference in real-time through graphic recording. See her virtual conference synthesis mural and explore her slideshows of her graphic recordings from each of the keynote and plenary sessions below.

Day 1: Heat, Water, Systems & Solutions: Understanding Where We are Now

Day 2: Heat, Water, Systems & Solutions: Science to Chart the Path

Day 3: Naming the Future We Want

Day 4: Solutions for People and Planet

Day 5: Creating the Future We Choose

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