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About the Conference

Through our ongoing partnership, the Global* Council for Science and the Environment and Project Drawdown and our communities are working to improve the scientific basis of environmental decision-making and to help the world reach “drawdown”— the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping catastrophic climate change — as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. 


In January 2021, the NCSE Drawdown 2021 Conference, Research to Action: Science and Solutions for a Planet Under Pressure, brought together diverse communities to share the latest scientific research and plan real-world actions to achieve the regenerative future we want.


Recorded content from the conference is now available publicly. We invite you to explore content from the conference and get involved to help move research to action.

85+ Countries
3,500+ Registrants
100+ Speakers
1,100+ Students
100+ Hybrid Sessions
20+ Keynotes
and Plenaries
5 Art Galleries
2 Musical
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